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Congratulation Puns Gift Set

What's a sweeter way to say Congrats than with this Congratulations Puns set! Great way to say you did a great job without all the seriousness. Who should receive this set? Anyone and everyone! Send one to your best friend, co-worker, significant other or pat yourself on the back with this sweet treat.

Available for pick-up, local delivery, and shipping nationwide. 

Featured as a Full Dozen of our selected flavors. Gluten-Free option is available.




Pistachio (gf)

 “Kale yeah! Congrats”

Captain Crunch

"Snailed it!"

Lemon (gf)


Vietnamese Coffee (gf)

"Holy Shiitake! Congratulations"

Salted Caramel (gf)

"You’re flipping amazing!"

Vanilla (gf)

"Here’s a Toast to you!"

Ube (gf)

"So Stinking proud of you" 

Orange Creamsicle (gf)

"I yam so proud of you" 

Guava (gf)

"You made it look so Shrimp-le"

Lychee (gf)

"You are Paw-some"

Matcha (gf)

"You’re kinda a big Dill!"

Cookies and Cream

“You nailed it!”