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Mother's Day Mama and Baby Breakable Bears

Preorder NOW for instore pickup or delivery only between May 6-7 (Fri & Sat)!

Looking for a unique gift for Mother's day? Look no further! Give your mama bear this set of Breakable bears!

  • This giftbox comes with a breakable Mama Bear filled with mini macarons, a breakable Baby bear filled with M&Ms/Rolos, and 1 chocolate covered Oreo with "<3 u Mom" on it.
  • Comes in a white box with clear top a mini hammer.
  • The bears are bottomless so you can gently lift up and add in any additional small surprises (mini bottles, jewelries, money gifts, small toys etc.) 
  • Just like a chocolate Piñata! 
  • Mama bear is about 7" tall x 4.6" wide x 1.78" deep
  • Baby bear is about 4.5" tall x 3" wide x 1.5" deep
  • This giftbox is ready to gift, WARNING: it will be too pretty to eat! :D
  • In store pick up or delivery only.  Sorry - no shipping at this time.

BREAKABLE CHOCOLATE are always a hit at any bash!