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Birthday Puns Gift Set

Ever have the feeling of anxiety figuring out what to get your best bud for their birthday? Well look no further. We have the jokes and the treats perfectly crafted for this special occasion! Available for pick up, local delivery, and shipping nationwide!

Featured as a full dozen of our selected flavors. Gluten-Free option is available.

Birthday Cake  "Do you want a piece of me?"
Lychee (gf) "Dim sum-body say it's your birthday?"
Fruity Pebbles (gf) "I'm so excited for your birthday I could burst!"
Red Velvet (gf) "Hope your birthday is fantas-taco"
Guava (gf) "It's sherbet day!"
Salted Caramel (gf) "I got you cheesy puns for your birthday"
Pistachio (gf) "May your birthday be on point" 
Vanilla (gf) "A toast to you!" 
Taro (gf) "Have a quali-tea day today!"
Cookies n Cream "Wishing you s'more birthday wishes"
Chocolate Hazelnut (gf) "Another year.. Just roll with it"