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Our Story

Welcome to Macadons! (Macarons by Donna)

Your number one source for uniquely flavored macarons and ice cream.

Our story began in 2013, in the kitchen with my mother, who loved making delicious desserts for her family. One night, she tried a classic French macaron recipe. I was immediately hooked after one bite into the delicate, airy cookie and the layer of rich chocolate ganache filling. I knew from that moment that I had found my passion: making delicious macarons.

Over the next year, I have studied the process of making macarons with intense passion. I have spent many sleepless nights researching, traveling, and testing recipes. In the beginning, I recreated the traditional macaron recipe because I was too scared to push the boundaries. I quickly realized my creations were flat and lacked uniqueness, and I knew I needed a breakthrough. I wanted to embrace my Asian heritage by infusing unique flavors, such as Taro, Durian, Lychee, Green Tea, and other non-traditional flavors, into traditional macarons.

With encouragement from my business partner, friends, and family, I did just that: I started making macarons with a unique Asian flair.

Years of hard work paid off when our online business took off and our reputation started to bolster our brand. However, the rigor of managing a fledgling business on top of a full-time career was overwhelming. Well-meaning people have told us to give up on multiple occasions.

We didn’t listen.

Instead, my business partner and I made the ultimate decision to quit our full-time jobs and follow the spirit of entrepreneurship. Sure, it was frightening not to have a steady income, health insurance, or a safety net, but seeing the smiles on the faces of our customers after they tried our products—on their wedding days, birthdays, anniversaries, and regular life—made it all worthwhile.

In addition to making delicious macarons and ice cream, we want to give back to the White Center community as well. We regularly participate in donation drives, street clean-ups, and volunteering efforts. We opened our flagship store in White Center because this is the place that gave us our start, and the support of this community has given us the courage to continue our journey.

The Macadons journey is filled with passion, hard work, and courage.

We hope you enjoy our products and thank you for choosing us.