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Macadons’ Mural Competition  



Macadons is thrilled to be in the final stages of opening their new flagship location in Renton.  As a new member to the thriving business community, they would like to invite local artist to take part in their “Macadons Mural Experience Contest”.  The artist or graphic artis chosen will be awarded $10,000and Macadons’ will cover all hard costs associated with the mural.

On 3rd & Wells, Macadons has a big, beautiful, and inviting wall that lives under the watchful gaze of their rooftop dragon, Erasmus (Macadons’ Chief Dragon Officer).  On August 22nd Macadons gave the community a “sneak peek” of their new location, hosting and “open house” during Renton River Days. Those that stopped by provided their ideas and thoughts surrounding four different art concepts (photo of ideas is last page of this document).

  1) A Friend for Erasmus   2) Filled with Joy    3) Who is Renton    4) Other Ideas



 Located on the corner of S 3rd and Wells 



We are considering either a painted mural or a “wall-wrap” as the end-product. This will allow for artists of varying experiences and mediums to participate. Whether you consider yourself an amateur, professional, mural painter, or graphic artist we would love to see your submission.  You must be able to execute your final design on the wall.  This could mean painting your mural directly on the wall or working with the company we choose to have your final mural created into a “wall-wrap” that will be affixed to the wall. Submissions may be done by an individual or in teams (maximum ten members). Participants may submit more than one submission as a team and as an individual. While all are welcomed to submit, travel expenses will not be covered.



There is no fee associated with submitting for this competition.  Please email  to have your name and contact information to be placed on the competition contact list.



The artist(s) awardee the project will receive $10,000 award in exchange for executing their design.  This prize money is theirs to keep.  Macadons will pay for all supplies associated with the materials needed to paint the mural.



INITIAL ENTRY: Each entry is to be submitted as a digital pdf, no larger than 20MB.  Included in the submittal:

  • Statement of “Why?”, outline why your want to paint this specific mural. What is exciting about the project to you?
  • Resume
  • Portfolio of work and designs – this may include mural as well as art pieces. Anything that conveys your style. Maximum of 20 pages.



Macadons will shortlist 3 – 5 participants based on their Initial Entry Submittal.  In submitting for the mural competition, all participants agree that, if shortlisted, they will provide the Shortlisted Submittal Requirements within the schedule’s timeline. Each shortlisted entry is to be submitted as a pdf, no larger than 20 MB. Included in the submittal:

  • Statement of concept. Maximum of one 8.5 x 11 page.
  • Concept needs to include a feature that makes the mural a “Photo Destination”. We would like to make your mural a Renton Photo Stop. Your concept needs to have an intuitive spot for someone to snap a photo with Erasmus from below and your mural as the backdrop.
  • Conceptual sketch of proposed mural idea. The concept sketch may be in any media desired that the artist best feels will represent their idea, however the final submittal must be presented digitally.



August 3, 2022

RFQ  Out to Artists

August 17, 2022

Inquiry Deadline

August 31, 2022

Portfolio Submissions Due to

September 2, 2022

Shortlist Announced

September 28, 2022

Shortlist Entries Due

September 30, 2022

Winning Submission Announced



The evaluation process will be determined at the discretion of Macadons.



The selected artist will work with the owner of Macadons, and other Renton advisors to approve the final design and execute the mural.  All supplies will be paid for by Macadons.  The mural is set to be completed by October 31, 2022.