Celebrate Filipino American History Month - Meet Coney Peebles! - Macadons

Celebrate Filipino American History Month - Meet Coney Peebles!

To continue celebrating Filipino American History Month, we are highlighting another employee who is a Filipino American at Macadons!

Outside of helping out Macadons, Coney Peebles (or Coy, for short) runs her own catering company, called "Coney’s Culinary Creations and Events Co." (Instagram: @cccandevents)

Continue reading to see her story on how she met Michael, her business, and her remark on what being a Filipino American means to her.

How did you find out about Macadons?

I met Michael when I was looking for a macaron shop for an event. The bride requested macarons for dessert, and Macadons popped up on the Google search with great reviews. I met up with him in the kitchen, chatted, and really enjoyed our conversations. His vision and mission in running a business inspire me. He has been a wonderful mentor and a good friend of mine.

When did you decide to start your business? What is your favorite thing about being Filipino?

I decided to open my own business after two years of making charcuterie for friends and family, as well as corporate offices. This time, I'm expanding it to catering with Filipino cuisine added to the menu. I want to be able to serve exotic home-cooked food that I grew up eating in my hometown while presenting it in a way that everyone will try and enjoy!

I aim to provide an opportunity to experience and embrace a whole new culture while staying connected to my Filipino roots, living the best of both worlds!


Thank you Coy for being such a bubbly and amazing person to work with. We love having you here, and we always appreciate all the delicious food and dessert you bring to the table!


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