Celebrate Filipino American History Month - Meet Iza Narag! - Macadons

Celebrate Filipino American History Month - Meet Iza Narag!

To celebrate Filipino American History Month, we would like to highlight our employees who identify as Filipino American!

Iza Narag has been with us since December of 2022, and she is also a full-time yoga instructor! Continue reading to see her story at Macadons, her yoga journey, and her remark on what being a Filipino American means to her.


How did you find out about Macadons and how did you end up working here?

December of 2022 I was walking around downtown Renton in the evening. I was craving a hot chocolate and Macadons happened to be open! A few months later I was looking for a part time job so I emailed Macadons asking if they were hiring. I had a little interview with Michael and Phil and it just felt like a place I needed to be at this period in my life :)


What do you do outside of Macadons?

I’m a full time yoga instructor and am the founder of Biyaya Yoga. I primarily teach at various studios in Renton and Seattle, host yoga retreats, and teach community classes when I can.

I completed my initial 200hr YTT in June 2020. As cliche as it sounds, yoga and the community that comes with it has healed me in so many ways. I want to spread that to others. I also believe that movement is a form of expression, it’s a way to connect with yourself and hopefully find clarity when clarity is needed. Yoga is a vast practice with so much to offer and explore, as a teacher it’s fun and wholesome to be on that journey of practice with others!


What is your favorite thing about being Filipino American?

I think Filipino Americans tend to embody what community is. I remember growing up, every-time we saw a business or a famous person who was Filipino my dad would say “they’re Filipino! Let’s go support them”. Now my dad laughs at me when he asks where I got a certain piece of art or clothing piece and I respond “it’s from a Filipino-American brand!” It kind of feels like there’s this unspoken rule to be supportive to our fellow Filipino/Filams – from sharing food, to making sure we’re all taking care of ourselves, to taking pride in our culture, and to sharing similar struggles with identity as Filams.

I’m not sure if there’s a certain word for this, but that’s my favorite part about being Filipino-American!


Get to know and meet Iza in person by participating in her yoga session at Macadons on Monday, October 16th! Tickets can be found here. You don’t want to miss it!

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